Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Roubert missed his chance at the crown forty-two years ago and has been forced to serve his brother the King ever since, prosecuting trespassers in the Royal Forests assisted by his fiercely loyal and ruthless knights, Gunnar and Ranalf.

Now, the only thing standing between him and the throne is a five-year-old boy.

This ought to be easy...

Monday, March 5, 2012


The King is dead. Long live the King!
Thomas is five years old.
His father, King of all England, just died, meaning Thomas is now ruler of the whole country. He doesn't have a lot of supporters, however. As England teeters on the brink of war, many of his subjects would prefer a leader with more experience. Also, there are many around him who would benefit from his death, not to mention all the people who would have a good chance at the throne themselves, if only Thomas would disappear. All in all, he doesn't have many friends or well-wishers, and his odds of living long enough to see six don't look particularly good.

Also, he has a bit of a drinking problem.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Ryan thinks his big brother Farley is a genius. Madelyn thinks he’s an idiot. They may both be right.

After figuring out a way to go back in time and save his father before he dies in an accident, Farley goes...but doesn’t return. When Ryan and Madelyn follow him to see what went wrong, they find that Farley may have overshot his goal by almost a thousand years. Now they’ll need to find him and figure out what went wrong so they can save their Father and get back to the present…providing, of course, that they can stay out of trouble (and alive) that long.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Madelyn Blackwood never wanted to travel back in time to the 13th century. She only went along to keep an eye on her little brother Ryan.

Now she finds herself in a world that's entirely different from our own. A world where people tend to underestimate the power of women (not to mention girls) and where might makes right.

Unexpectedly, both of those things actually work to her advantage. In fact, she's starting to find that she fits better in this world than she ever would have thought.

This world is a dangerous place and Madelyn and Ryan soon find themselves with no shortage of treacherous enemies who would prefer that they’d never showed up. Facing long odds, and with no way to go back, they can only press onwards. It seems likely that neither one of them will survive long enough to find their way home. But if by some miracle they do, Madelyn may no longer be interested in leaving this new world behind.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


When Ryan Blackwood was four years old, his father was hit by a truck and killed.

It's been seven years since that happened, and Ryan's older brother Farley has spent every day since trying to find a way to go back and change the events of that fateful day.

When Farley suddenly disappears without a trace, Ryan can only assume that he's finally succeeded in finding a way to travel back in time and save their father. Ryan also assumes that, since Farley doesn't return immediately, his usual lack of foresight and planning have caught up with him and he's in deep trouble...somewhere. Ryan and his older sister Madelyn have no choice: they have to go after Farley and help him find his way home.

But it's not that simple; in trying to follow him they find themselves about eight hundred years too far in the past. And Farley seems to have disappeared without a trace...again.

Unsure if they're even in the right place or time, Ryan and Madelyn quickly find themselves caught up in events beyond their control and in over their heads. Trapped in a world where making one ally seems to earn you three enemies, and making the wrong enemy can literally mean losing your head, they'll have to be extremely clever and resourceful (not to mention incredibly lucky) in order to survive long enough to find Farley, figure out what went wrong, save their father and get back home.