Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Roubert missed his chance at the crown forty-two years ago and has been forced to serve his brother the King ever since, prosecuting trespassers in the Royal Forests assisted by his fiercely loyal and ruthless knights, Gunnar and Ranalf.

Now, the only thing standing between him and the throne is a five-year-old boy.

This ought to be easy...


  1. These preview images look great Mark. I work at Warwick Castle as a caricature artist, so I'm surrounded by giant portraits of dead lords & ladies, suits of armour and swords.

    Are any of these images going to be used in the actual graphic novel?

  2. Hey Leigh!

    I'd love to visit Warwick castle sometime, none of these are in the actual graphic novel, I just felt the need to block out the characters and put them out there for people to see as I continue to work on the actual graphic novel.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Well it's a good idea to keep posting these promo images as it will give people a taste of the comic, and keep you posting. I will be doing the same thing as I move into designing characters for my comic.
    Just out of interest how long did you spend on research/writing before moving into design/thumbnails?

  4. Hey Leigh-
    Well, it's hard to say exactly...because I was always drawing and researching at the same time. But I probably did a year of solid research before I had any idea what the characters might I'd say a year before I knew enough about the characters to start doing character designs.