Sunday, February 12, 2012


When Ryan Blackwood was four years old, his father was hit by a truck and killed.

It's been seven years since that happened, and Ryan's older brother Farley has spent every day since trying to find a way to go back and change the events of that fateful day.

When Farley suddenly disappears without a trace, Ryan can only assume that he's finally succeeded in finding a way to travel back in time and save their father. Ryan also assumes that, since Farley doesn't return immediately, his usual lack of foresight and planning have caught up with him and he's in deep trouble...somewhere. Ryan and his older sister Madelyn have no choice: they have to go after Farley and help him find his way home.

But it's not that simple; in trying to follow him they find themselves about eight hundred years too far in the past. And Farley seems to have disappeared without a trace...again.

Unsure if they're even in the right place or time, Ryan and Madelyn quickly find themselves caught up in events beyond their control and in over their heads. Trapped in a world where making one ally seems to earn you three enemies, and making the wrong enemy can literally mean losing your head, they'll have to be extremely clever and resourceful (not to mention incredibly lucky) in order to survive long enough to find Farley, figure out what went wrong, save their father and get back home.


  1. Man, just your short description and single image has me excited to see more! Much luck with the series, and on those tough days when you don't seem to be getting anywhere remember there's at least one guy out there in the world who'd anxiously awaiting the story's launch! :)

  2. Hi Mark, I'm really looking forward to seeing how this project turns out. Whenever I feel frustrated and have the urge to give up on a project I'll keep Deathbed in mind! Congrats on having the courage to pursue this project. Even if you don't realise it I'm sure you are inspiring other creators who are going through the same doubts.

  3. Hey JKR and Leigh -

    Thanks so much for the supportive comments! I appreciate the kind thoughts very much!